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About Us


For women who love fashionable & unique designs and appreciate quality


In the heart of SETSOFRAN is its founder Setso who designs and foresees every single piece of our collections. Fashion has always been part of Setso’s life, which is reflected by her never-ending desire to stand out in style and her ability to inspire others to unleash their fabulousness via fashionable styles.

Similar to the experience of likeminded, Setso was struggling to find outstanding outfits unique to her sense of style. If she was lucky, after hours and hours of searching, to find the one with a perfect fit, it often came at a high price tag. Online shopping brought other frustrations, paging through thousands of items and often receiving lower quality than expected.

Nevertheless, despite these struggles and time-consuming search, when she got that desired piece of outfit, she brought that wow factor by leveraging the styling. Her friends and people across social media wanted to know where she got it and started buying her pre-loved garments, that’s when she realised that a lot of people are in the same struggle. She decided to design styles for her fellow fashionistas.

SETSOFRAN London was then born to give our fashion-forward family across the world fashionable styles, unique designs, comfortable pieces and uncompromised quality.




SETSOFRAN London represents fashionable, luxurious and uniqueness with fair price tag.





What we offer

Not only do we want our fashion-forward customers to look stylish, we also want them to be comfy while at it. Therefore every single piece is designed with great attention to detail and carefully selected high-quality materials. To ensure quality production, we took time to know our manufactures personally, built authentic relationships with all of them and ensuring fair business terms. 



At SETSOFRAN we believe that fashion enables a woman to express her fabulousness without saying a word. We design readily fashionable outfits, all you do is slide into any of our pieces and you instantly look super stylish.  



Our values


We pride ourselves in high-quality products and services. Our stunning quality pieces give you that desired comfort, reliability, appreciation and ultimately, that big smile. You will love your styles forever.  



Trust is the key pillar of integrity; we treat everyone the way we would like to be treated. We thrive in building authentic relationships with our customers, as well as our business partners.



We design fashionable outfits, keeping up with the trends yet maintaining our uniqueness. All our outfits are readily stylish, all you do is slide into one of them, and you instantly look super fashionable. Saving you time and headache.


Main benefits

  • Unique quality designs

  • Bespoke price to quality ratio

  • Reliable worldwide delivery

  • Free shipping option across most markets

  • 30 days Peace of mind return policy

  • Prompt customer service

  • Styling advice available on request


Shop our unique styles and never look back >>>