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What is poplin dress

 What is poplin dress. Style classic yet casual poplin outfits.

What is poplin dress

What is poplin? Poplin dresseand poplin fabric are characteristic for its distinctive ribbed texture and tightly closed weave. Traditionally poplin was made from fine silk warp yarns, filled in with a heavier wool yarn. No only today's poplin fabric is 100% real cotton while has the unique comfort feel, it also makes it lightweight while still retaining the strength.

Poplin Dress has a luxurious sheen to it giving you the option of wearing it as casual or formal. It is super comfortable yet very stylish. Poplin dresses are so popular because of their versatility, light weight yet durable & soft and so easy to style for any occasion. The fabric is so easy to iron and doesn’t wrinkle easily making it perfect to wear all day.

We love Poplin Dresses for their loose-fitting over your body. This makes them elegant and flattering. Depending on your mood or occasion you can choose from a wide range of designs, some features short/ long sleeves, balloon, roll up or spaghetti straps. Some features buttons and pockets. Because of these unique properties, poplin dresses can easily become your new favourite piece of clothing.

Searching for a poplin dress that will make you look stylish & stand out? Look no further! We have designed the most fashionable poplin dresses that you would want to wear to your next dinner at a high-end restaurant, garden party, everyday wear or holiday.

Styling Dress

Finding that great dress for everyday wear or special occasion shouldn’t be difficult, even if you want to wear something that stands out.

Poplin dresses from S E T S O F R A N are effortless to style, they are readily stylish, all you do is pair them with any kind of shoes and you look super fashionable instantly. Our poplin dresses fit every body and come in rich warm colours to give you good vibes, you just go with your mood on the day.

Our poplin dresses are super easy to style; they literally go well with just about anything in your wardrobe. For cool casual look, pair them with trainers, flats or sandals and you look so stylish. And for the holiday feel or if you want to take your look to another level, pair it with our Classic Straw Hat and get ready for endless compliments. For a more formal or elegant look pair it with heels and you'll look luxurious without even trying. You can also throw on your belt to change up the look for the occasion.

Poplin dresses from S E T S O F R A N always include a surprise. They are in rich, warm colours and are fitting every body type. The secret is that we designed these pieces to make you look flattering, snatched and fashionable with minimal effort. Saving you time and headache.  


SETSOFRAN Poplin Dresses

You can enjoy SETSOFRAN quality, vibrant colours and readily stylish designs, just slide in our classic red, black hem drop, classy nude, rich green, intriguing burnt orange or sassy pink puff sleeve and you will be the most stylish wherever you go. 

SETSOFRAN Poplin Dress collection:

Red Poplin Dress

Our popular red poplin dress is simply a classy statement dress, all you do is slide in and it will do the talking. Its rich colour brings out your beauty, the long puff-sleeves and double ruffle hem gives you that extraordinary luxe look. For elegant look pair with heels. For chic causal can be worn with sandals, flats or trainers.


Green Poplin Dress

This midi dress is designed with high-quality poplin material to give you that comfortable yet stylish look. The rich, summer green colour will just give you the glow, letting your beauty shine. It features two side pockets and high round neckline, so fashionable. Slide in this dress and let it do the talking. This chic midi dress is fun to style for all occasion, comes with a belt which is black.


Nude Poplin Gathered Hem Dress

This Nude Poplin Dress screams luxury on the level of its own. This dress will instantly make you look amazing, classy and significant. Sis, they will literally roll the carpet for you. Its gathered details give you the volume and that flattering expensive look, while the two side pockets complete the casual chic look.

Puff-sleeved Burnt Orange Poplin Dress

The Orange Poplin Dress gives you that chic and luxe look. It's fitted waist snatches you together giving you that hourglass body shape while the puff sleeves will let everybody know the fashion queen has arrived. For a chic and elegant look can be paired with heels. For chic causal wear it with sandals, flats or trainers.


Pink Burnt Orange Poplin Dress

Our vibrant pink poplin dress gives you that chic and luxe look. It's rich colour just let your glow and beauty shine. It pulls in your in your waist leaving you snatched, and the puff-sleeves contours your shoulders giving you that flattering finish. You will steal the shine wherever you go sis, for that statement look, wear it as an off-shoulder dress and it will do the talking for you.


Black Poplin Hem Drop Dress 

This classic black poplin dress is a definition of elegance. When designing this timeless dress, we wanted to give you a simple yet striking masterpiece. This dress speaks for its self, just wear it and enjoy being the spot light. To add sassiness to this dress, it has 2 side pockets to give you that comfy elegance. It also features long puffy sleeves with buttons for that classy finish.


Black Poplin Gathered Hem

Elegant and Dreamy. When designing our Black Gathered Poplin we wanted to give you that celebrity look. It's classy yet gives you this super fashionable cool look when paired with trainers. You can also throw on your cap and you will look like a Superstar instantly. We love this cotton dress for its versatility, not only you can literally wear it everywhere but also for any occasion. It is a Perfect Little Black Dress that every woman should own.  


Poplin material is so versatile, you can use it to create different kind of styles. We have designed one of our Statement Piece the Tulle Shirt Dress using our fave poplin material. Learn more >>>



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