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Fashion for Black Women: Embrace Your Curves with SETSOFRAN London

Fashion for Black Women: Embrace Your Curves with SETSOFRAN London


As a contemporary and modern black women's fashion brand, SETSOFRAN London knows the importance of finding outfits that fit and flatter a black woman body-shape. The fashion industry has not always been inclusive to the diversity within the black community, leading to a lack of representation and attractive options.

At SETSOFRAN London, we believe that a woman with booty and curves, should have access to fashionable and high-quality clothing that makes her feel confident and beautiful. That's why we offer a range of sizes and styles designed to fit the natural curves of a black woman. A Perfect Fit.

Determining Your Body Shape

The first step in finding the perfect fashion for your body is to determine your body shape. While there are many categorisations of body shapes, it's important to remember that everyone's body is unique. And to find fashion that makes you feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful.

Creating a Balanced Silhouette

When it comes to fashion, it's important to create a balanced silhouette. One way to do this is by choosing tops and dresses with interesting necklines, such as V-necks, scoop necks, or off-the-shoulder styles. These necklines can help elongate the neck and draw the eye upward, creating a more balanced look.

Adding volume to the top half of a garment, through ruffles, frills, or other details, can also help create the illusion of a fuller upper body and balance out proportions.

For pants and dresses, opt for styles that are fitted through the waist and flare out at the hips and thighs. This can create a more hourglass silhouette and balance out proportions.

Embracing Your Curves with SETSOFRAN London

At SETSOFRAN London, we want all black women to embrace their curves in A Perfect Fit. No more one size fit all from the mainstream fashion. We design our styles you and your booty in mind.

No more compromising on the fit sis, we want you to show off what your mama gave you in style. At SETSOFRAN London, we are committed to providing fashionable and high-quality styles for every you, no matter your booty-shape or size, our designs will snatch you up, giving you that hour glass boost.

Closing the Gap

Saygoodbye to the Belt and Gaps Behind. Yes, we know your booty is struggling to fit in those high street jeans and pants, as always we got your back. Our Shape Denim and Pants are designed to fit and boost your booty to perfection, they'll literally snatch your waist leaving no space behind. You'll have the hourglass shape instantly. Bye Gaps!


Don't waste your time trying to look elsewhere, nobody thinks about you the way SETSOFRAN do. We design specifically for you. Wear any of our outfits and you'll never look back. Follow our tips and enjoy A Perfect Fit and looking extra fashionable for life.

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