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Hot Paperbag Jeans Outfit Look for You Sis 🔥

We made looking fashionable super easy for you.

We know the struggle of finding a perfect fit outfit. We are super excited to showcase how you can look fashionable in SFL outfits. 

Our High Waist Shape Paperbag Jeans are designed to fit any body to perfection and boosting that booty. The gathered waist just snatches your waist to order. Pair it with our Corset Top to contour your upper body and waist, you can rock this duo combo comfortably without any worries of imperfections or stomach swallowing, we got you covered. 

If you want to take your look to another level just throw on our Feather Trim Blazer, pair it with either heels or trainers and get that luxe finish.  

Styling paperbag jeans with corset top and blazer

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